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The Cyber Age comes ahead of time


The other day, an email noticed me that I was mentioned on Slack. I opened its design channel where people put feedback on my new illustration. Then I grabbed Ipad Pro to make revisions. Suddenly, the team was throwing a Zoom meeting, discussing the storyboard for the upcoming promo video on Instagram. Meanwhile I opened the Doordash to order my lunch, tipping $5 to the delivery guy. In the afternoon, a brainstorming broke out on Miro, everyone was adding ideas to the memo simultaneously. The meeting continued but I felt a little tied so I put a memoji to replace my real head. After work, I layed out my yoga mat and put on the Ring-con to beat the boss in the Ring Fit Adventure through Nintendo Switch, burning 100.5 calories in total.

This is my daily routine during pandemic times and maybe indefinite days in the future. The Cyber Age is coming in an unpredicted way in 2020. The breakout of coronavirus confined people’s scope of activities and quarantine life changed their behavior which cannot be brought back to normal in a short time. Gradually, people will get used to the new routines. Even last year, I can't imagine people from all ages being pushed into the virtual world by the government. Kids study at home, adults work from home, the video games sell well while the bankroup of restaurants happens at every corner of the street. The scenes in Matrix come to reality in advance, blurring the boundaries of fake and real. I don't even know what my coworkers look like on the other side of the screen. It’s so crazy.

However, I suddenly realized that I’m living in destiny. It’s exactly the future we planned but realized ahead of schedule. The more we anticipate in a virtual event, the more sophisticated the technique will be. Finally, we can take part in most of the social activities in a virtual way very very soon. Shall we keep pace with the new normal or stick to the traditional way? While the latter can hardly work out right now. So I come up with some immature ideas to help people accustomed to the upcoming Cyber Age:

  • Rent a better apartment. Because you will spend most of the time at home.

  • Get a cat. Although we will be the virtual world in the future, we need a company who also loves staying at home during the transition times.

  • Manage your digital assets. Either the password of every platform which you live depends on or the overview of your social media. Email address may be more important than the real address.

  • Build a gym at home. Either buying Beatsaber through VR or establishing a climbing wall is ok.

  • Design a cool memoji. It may be more important than your real look when dating online.

  • Buy RTX3080. No reason.

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